QUICK TIP FOR AIRBNB HOSTS: Your Communication Matters!

Hello friends, this is Richard founder short-term rental university and Airbnb super host I wanted to thank this quick video give a tip about why your communication when you're welcoming a guest is so important and how the actual wording matters more than you can imagine so this tip is more applicable if you're doing a shared space so for instance if you share your home and you rent out one bedroom or two and you lived there at the same time.

I think it's really important to welcome your guests just like you would your family members and just give them a house tour walk around and say hey here's the living room feel free to use it fold up the throw and you're done or fluff the pillows whatever your rules are is fine but just walk them through show them the house it's just about being welcoming inviting showing them around showing them what they have access to telling them where they're staying and what you'd like them to do and how to enjoy it and that's gonna be a really great way to host somebody and make them feel comfortable as a guest in your home.

now what if it's a single family home and they're renting the entire thing it's the same sort of thing when I give people instructions I say here's how you use the fireplace and please feel free to do so in the winter but recognize this I'd really encourage you to turn it off when you're not home and I'd also like you to turn it off when you go to sleep I want to maintain your safety I think it's best practice and so again I'm encouraging them to use the fireplace it's available for them but I'm also setting some standards and some expectations.

so that we sort of know what we're talking about and how we're dealing with it and I always frame it in reference to their personal safety which is first and foremost and it's true so here's why that's so important if you don't do it and you just assume that people know that the home is yours and they should do this and that somebody may not actually embrace the stay they may not do any of that they may just stay in their own like room or they may not think that the guest experience is all that greater they may think you're not that hospitable and that's probably the furthest thing from the truth.

you probably are the most hospitable and you want them to use it and you're assuming that they're going to use it but they just may not and that's a problem because they may give you a bad review or they may not enjoy their stay and so I just don't want anybody to assume anything I want you to be very explicit use the right wording be very inviting be very encouraged and walk them through it show them how it's done and that's gonna set the stage for a five star review in closing please let me know what you do when you get people to come and stay in your home and what's off-limits the more of the share the more ideas we have the more ideas we generate in the Morley drill please go ahead and like the video and subscribe to the YouTube channel if you haven't.

Thank You so much.

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