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LEARN how to be a Superhost

Short Term Rental University has guided thousands of Hosts just like you to SUCCESS using Airbnb and VRBO. Our Blogs and videos are free and informative to help you GET STARTED!

We tackle topics that are perfect from the Newest Host looking where to start, all the way to Hosting Professionals who are looking for more advanced tips in investing and taxes for their properties.

A super SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE way to start impressing your guests is with our STRU "Guidebook Builder" where we help you get all the vital info for your listing in ONE place easy to use for guests! Unlimited Use for Unlimited Listings!

Host Ready Products

Our carefully selected products focus on Hospitality, Efficiency, Safety, and Comfort. We carry a wide range of Linens and Household products to simplify your Hosting.

DRYFAST Sheets Set

DRYFAST Towels Set

Complete Bedding Set

We use these products in our Short Term Rentals across the country and have supplied hosts on 3 continents!

Products We Recommend

We understand that we cannot provide every item a host could need to properly furnish and outfit a new listing. So we have put together a few lists of recommended products  across multiple areas of the home.

Connect with Hosts

Our Facebook group is full of HOSTS just like you and is a great place for questions/answers/and advice!Need a quick answer about, "How to handle extra guests"? Or do you want to know "what other Hosts are doing for cleaning services?"Our Facebook Group is growing every day and is teaming with great resources from hosts across the globe! 


What's Happening in our BLOG?

We have gathered the best of our videos are articles into FREE Blog collections, Perfect for New Hosts to get started FAST!

Check out some of our Collections that tackle areas :


Are you ready to start taking your Hosting seriously? Have you already watched every video, read every blog, joined the group and still are ready for more?

Do any of these describe where you are in your Hosting Journey?

  • I want to build a STR business but I have little capital and don't know how to get started
  • I want the step by step guide to teach me everything I need to know in an organized manner
  • I have a STR but I know I'm losing money every month by not having it optimized

The STRU MBA program gives you unparalleled access to STRU with monthly Live Q&A's with Superhost Richard Fertig and takes Hosting to the next level of how to run your STR's like a business professional.

Does this sound like you?

  • I'm looking to fully automate my already successful STR business
  • I'm looking to take advantage of advanced techniques like 1031 Exchanges and Triple Net Leasing advanced "wealth building techniques"
  • I have multiple properties but have plateaued in my growth

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STRU Expert Series Every Month

 Live Q&A with specialized experts

 Topics include SEO, interior design, insurance, business, and more

STRU Courses

 Step by step guide to build a successful STR business

 Topics include: Marketing, Pricing Strategy, Taxes, Growth and more


 Join the most helpful FB Group of STR business owners (members only)

 Have your questions answered by the most engaged hosts in the world

 Learn in real time as hosts figure out better ways to run their STR business

The STRU Podcast

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