You Can Do Anything. Has Someone Done it Before You?

Coming to you live from Grand Teton National Park! The view here is so beautiful that if it does not motivate you and inspire you and make you want to do big things I don’t know what will. That’s the point of today’s article.

While Charles and I were here, we were watching some movies. Teton Gravity Research is made up of three brothers that came here after skipping college. They started filming and now they’re incredible cinematographers and extreme athletes.

We watched their first movie called “Higher” and our minds were blown, we couldn’t believe that human beings do these sort of things! The crazy risks, the endurance, the strength and we couldn’t even begin to tell you. Then, we watched “Meru” which was about climbing. The movie includes footage of even crazier things like a sense of going straight up, sleeping in tents, hanging on the side of a cliff with ice, etc.

The thing is this, no matter how difficult we try or we push ourselves, there are people that do it even more. Find those people as inspiration and then recognize it in your moment of weakness or panic that other people have done more.

This really helped me just recently. I was skiing in Jackson Hole yesterday in a new area and I was skiing alone which isn’t the safest or smartest thing in the world. I came across these signs that said “caution, cliff area.” I am these areas all the time. Generally, I am with other people but the fact that I was alone gave me a little bit of pause.

Then I realized something and I asked myself a very simple question.

“What am I scared of? Somebody was here before and they clearly marked the danger, the caution, and the cliff areas for me. I should be reassured and comforted as opposed to scared!”

I was exercising extreme caution. I realized the guys in “Meru” were the first descent. They had never been there before and┬ánobody and had ever done that. Just imagine the panic and the fear and for them, the exhilaration!┬áSo what’s the moral?

Push yourself and get out of your comfort zone. Find somebody who’s done it better, faster, cheaper, quicker, more extreme, etc. I felt so alive and I was so thrilled and it was the best run I’d had yesterday so guess what I did?

I did it again and now I know that area and I’m not at all concerned. It was great skiing.

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