What Happened to Charles?? (why I love being an entrepreneur)

hey YouTube what’s happening it’s Richard founder of short-term rental University and Airbnb super host today’s Monday thoughts are exactly what’s happening right now in real time and I’m excited to talk about relationships and change and growth and opportunity and how change is good so one of the things that I love about being an entrepreneur and employing other people is growing them like helping them achieve things that they haven’t been able to do in the past giving them risk capital to try new things and us figuring out what works and what doesn’t work together and so on and so you may have heard the news that Charles is moving back home and he’s gonna start focusing much more on wedding photography but he’ll tell us what he’s up to I don’t want to put words in his mouth but I’ve had a couple of questions from friends of mine people that know us both and like oh my gosh what’s going on so let me reassure you from a short-term rental University nothing is going on there are no changes Charles and I are gonna continue to work together we have a whole plan and I don’t think you’d even notice that there was any change but we’re fully transparent we like to make sure everyone knows what’s going on there’s a lot of change that’s going on and it’s super exciting and as it relates to Charles I really want to thank him on camera and in person and then publicly in front of everyone for all of his time and effort energy and directing and video skills and all of that it’s been amazing and I couldn’t have done it without him so thank you very much Charles and at the same time as an entrepreneur I love the fact that I’ve been able to encourage support motivate and and help somebody find a passion realize a dream encourage them to take action and I don’t view it as a negative or you know this is war over it’s not gonna work it’s just the opposite this is the start of a new relationship a more meaningful relationship with to more advanced people in different locations and it’s just great and that’s one of the things about being an entrepreneur slash employer slash mentor or whatever is that this is like success we’ve won we’ve accomplished what I hope to do and inspire and grow people that’s that’s my why and so while it’s gonna look a little bit different I’m confident it’s gonna be really positive and successful for both richard individually charles individually and short-term rental university collectively so charles come on over here let’s answer a couple of questions I know we’re gonna film a podcast where it’s gonna be much more detailed so check that out we’ll include a link below okay so Stovall recorded the podcast Richard and I both movie and we couldn’t fit it in things got a little crazy but fine to Jackson in about a week we’re gonna fill them a whole podcast on the whole subject what I’m gonna do is I’ll put a link to an interview we filmed for a podcast a while back and then subscribe to the channel because in about week or two we’ll have this new podcast uploaded ok back to video but in the meantime let’s first say Charles I really appreciate it man you showed up likewise three years ago years ago three and a half years ago first job out of college how much experience did you have behind a camera I had just started so it was kind of just a beginning of a hobby I filmed two videos for my internship right and that was it I made a few videos for fun but you didn’t hire me for that at all that was just marketing right so you were like hey you ever done any video and I was like yeah a little bit here and there but that’s what molded into my passion now which is what what is your passion now just making videos like any kind of video that’s basically over time my role shifted to more and more video and then it’s just gotten to a point now where it’s like that’s all I really want to be doing you know it was like fifty and fifty for a while like marketing video and then now I’m just all video and so my point for anybody watching this that is an employer or an entrepreneur wanting to work with people is like I view that as success Charles enjoyed it made two videos before then his business mind and opportunity set started to shift as he was doing better we created more and more videos and now let’s what he wants to do forever and so rather than retard that or confine it or say you can only make videos for me like that silly the best is yet to come for this guy and I hope he feels that I’ve given him some opportunity and bought cameras and supported the endeavor and I’m gonna continue to support the endeavor yeah throughout that any time I think you saw that from an early stage right or so when I would use to write blogs when I started as you saw that I had way more interest in video you would come up with new ideas for video you’d be like alright well let’s make all these videos for all the employees and all this kind of stuff so I think you saw that if I’m not mistaken her you know just gave me more responsibilities with video until it turned into this it’s amazing so look guys pay attention the podcast is gonna have a much greater in depth about what Charles is gonna do how he’s gonna do it how you can contact him how we’re gonna continue to run short-term rent to the University we’re both equally committed to that and this is the point about a relationship you don’t know exactly where it’s gonna go but if you have a good working relationship and trust one another and want the best for one another anything is possible and so Charles is gonna be in Virginia yep I’m gonna be in Wyoming short-term rental university is gonna be a roaming traveling live organism and the relationship continues and while it’s gonna be different it’s gonna be better Charles is gonna be more fulfilled in his right environment I’m gonna be more fulfilled in my right environment and everything’s gonna thrive and that’s sort of the point don’t look at changes like a problem or how’s this gonna work or I’m scared it is scary there should be some fear you’re probably a little scared though nervous but that’s helpful I like that exactly I do too and that’s one of the things that I hope I’ve encouraged you and others is to embrace the risk embrace the uncertainty the unknown is exciting and it can be really rewarding many people shy away from that many people would look at this and be like up its failed it’s over I don’t see that in the least I don’t know so this isn’t goodbye not at all but it is a thank you very much man from the bottom of my heart it’s been a real blast a real pleasure please go ahead and check us out on the podcast and thank you very much all right now let’s go break down the studio [Music]

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