Top 5 Airbnb SEO Tips for Hosts!! (how to rank higher in 2018)

What’s up YouTube it’s richard founder short-term rental university and air B&B super host today’s video we’re talking about the top five things you can do to improve your listing and the search results on air B&B so before we get started i have to give a shout out and a big thanks to Danny r esteem founder of optimize my Airbnb he was a recent podcast guest we have over an hour of content tips and advice on how to optimize your Airbnb listing so we’ll include the podcast link below please go ahead and check that out for more detailed information and also he participated in our paid membership QA so all of our members had the opportunity to ask him some great questions and you had great things what I’m doing here is distilling down what I think are the five takeaways that everyone can benefit from immediately so the first point is response time matters Airbnb is told us so they keep repeating it they report it to you as a host and they report it to your guests so when someone clicks on it they see what the response time is the reason it matters so much is that it influences the guest experience they want a book they want to know whether it’s available they want an answer to whether there’s a crib or not so my advice to you is instead of waiting for your meeting to end and then getting back to them after lunch and so on and go ahead and respond immediately and say I’m walking into a meeting I’ll be back to you in two hours that way the guest doesn’t continue surfing and looking for somebody else they may be more than happy you’re their first choice they’ll wait two hours but go ahead and give them that courtesy that says I have your communication I’ll be right back to you or you can be like me and use a virtual assistant I’ve made a video to help you get started you can click on it over here number two we asked Danny what the number one thing that most people screw up on that’s easiest to fix and his answer was use all 50 characters in the title so when you list your home you have the opportunity to have a title don’t use less than 50 characters use all 50 or as close to them as possible but make sure that you use the right ones in the right order so don’t start with the fluff start with a really important selling point because in mobile it’s gonna get truncated lead with the best selling point and then finish but use all 50 the third item is to make sure that people get through your entire listing down to the opportunity to book so what Danny we encourage people to do was have a very thorough and complete listing but don’t start adding tons and tons of text and so on like don’t put every single house rule there there’s a place for that the reason is Airbnb is searching via heat map to see what the user experiences and a better user experiences they like what they see they like what they see they continue to scroll they continue to scroll they like what they see and they get to the bottom if they balance it’s somewhere in the middle you’re sending Airbnb a signal that you know the person is dissatisfied there’s too much information they’re not happy with what they read so just try and keep it thorough accurate but Bri the fourth thing and this may be kind of obvious but it’s worth repeating here is that your photos count and the order of your photos count Danny brings to our attention that in now on a desktop experience Airbnb is highlighting two photos which means not only must you select your very best photo as the thumbnail which gets the most clicks and airbnb likes that it’s gonna rank it higher but now your second photo matters a lot because there’s gonna be the left and the right photo on the desktop experience have them be different photos so don’t shoot the living room in two different angles one is of the living room and one is of the outside view the fifth item is a little bit controversial and I have mixed feelings about it I’m gonna tell you Danny’s thought based on Airbnb is that wish listing having people save your home for future stay is important that’s a ranking factor and I believe that and I understand why that would be I just want to caution people I’ve seen a lot what I would call abuse where people are posting spammy type messages and requests to total strangers in facebook groups to wishlist my home and the reason I caution you about that is I’m a small business owner Google and Google search results could be you know manipulated in the past and then Google sees that manipulation then they do a panda upgrade or a penguin upgrade and that becomes a penalty so the people that were manipulating it that took advantage of the situation actually get penalized I would hate to see somebody put out a wish list request get six hundred you know wish lists in an hour and then Airbnb says that can’t be real and then you get penalized so organic natural wish lists from friends and family and real people that want to say you’re all good I just don’t particularly suggest that you go out and try and get the whole world to wish list it really quickly because chances are Airbnb smart enough to penalize that in the future so in closing I just want to thank Danny again we’ve got the link to Podcast below an hour of great content and tips and advice so check that out we’re also gonna link his website for you so go check him out he knows what he’s doing when it comes to search results and I hope you take advantage of this make your search even higher up in there get more bookings me and best grow your business so on and so forth in the meantime subscribe to the podcast and the YouTube channel thanks so very much another great day

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