Hello, my YouTube friends! This is Richard, found of Short-Term Rental university and Airbnb super host. Today’s Monday thoughts are what’s been on my mind for the last few weeks and it’s the pain that I’m feeling in my legs.

In this particular week after a few months of struggling with a back injury, I’m in real pain and I finally sought medical comfort. Well, what happened?

I’ve always had some back issues. I’ve had a spinal fusion in the past but that’s nothing to do with this. I just got injured in my lower back and have sought medical help among other things. When I moved to Jackson Hole early in the season, even though I was fit and in shape, it is still an extreme mountain. So no matter how fit I was, I was out of shape. On one of my early days, I was with a friend and with those famous last words came tumbling out.

“one more run?”

I knew better so I said no at first. Eventually, I just yielded because it was so great. I just wasn’t skiing right, I wasn’t engaged in the core, I wasn’t skiing properly, I was being sloppy, I was turning all loose and I just threw my back out. I felt it pop and I knew my back was out. Unfortunately, even though I was hobbling around I continued to ski and it got worse. Still, I continued to ski and I just kept doing what it was that I was doing. I started to foam roll and got massages and it just didn’t get better and in fact, it got worse.

Ultimately it culminated in a herniated disc. I think it’s the l5 s1 herniated disc at the lower part of my back. That became really debilitating pain including sciatica shooting down my leg, going numb, on pins and needles, falling asleep. It would be super painful and it just sucked.

One of the good things about being in New York is the quality of medical care.  I finally sought medical care and I received an epidural just about three or four days ago. It takes about two weeks to two months plus some physical therapy and I’m gonna recover just fine. So the question is why am I making this video?

one is to document and two is to encourage people to find what it is that you’re really excited about doing to get you in that mind frame mind over matter.

I think if I was still back in Jackson or somewhere else and doing the things that I want to do I probably could have lived with the pain. However, I chose to see it as an indication to me that I was in the wrong place doing the wrong thing and I couldn’t will myself through it. Rather than succumb and just quit, I sought medical attention and I’m fighting through it and I’m standing here now and I’m filming videos.

I’m really excited to continue getting fit and going back to Jackson Hole but the point is I could see how somebody could become down-and-out over a situation like this. I could see how somebody could become addicted to painkillers (I took no pain medicine other than Aleve and Tylenol) but my point is I can’t really fathom it until you’re actually living it.

So I’m hoping that anybody who’s living through adversity or pain or a difficult period in time finds this message encouraging that there is a solution. I don’t know what it is for you, it could be to:

  • change your venue
  • change your doctor
  • change your mindset
  • do something different

Whatever it is, you’ve got to move away from that place where you just feel like you’ve stalled.

That’s it for today, this is really just a sort of an update article. It’s a “Monday Thoughts” that’s what’s on my mind and on my body. It’s getting better and I am excited!

I think it’s going to be a full recovery by summertime which I’m really excited!

I want to do things like hike, climb, mountain bike, road bike, fly fish, golf and experience all the things that Jackson Hole has to offer. Part of this debilitation for me was really a bummer in my dream because I need my leg to do all of those things!

I was sitting here getting kind of gray saying, “gee what’s going on?” but I’m fighting back, we’re coming to get it and it’s gonna be better than ever!

Thank you so very much for this, let us know what you’ve done to overcome any pain or adversity. We’re a community so the more we share with one another the more we grow really appreciate your time interest and I would encourage you to subscribe!

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