One of the Most Important Lessons I Learned in Business (how to handle failure)

Hello, my friends, this is Richard! Founder short-term rental University in Airbnb super host. Today I’m coming to you from 10,450ft! The top of Jackson Hole! Charles and I just rode the tram line up and it’s absolutely gorgeous out. It’s a bluebird day, We got really lucky, the snow has been coming down. Today’s Monday’s thoughts, here’s what’s on my mind it has skiing involved in it. Basically, all three of my daughters are excellent ski racers they all started when they were in early age and I would always ask them especially when they were younger, not how was the day, how was the skiing, how many you know runs that you do.

I would always ask how many times did you fall??

and the reason was, I shifted falling from being a bad thing to something that we celebrated and encouraged them to test their bounds, go further, go harder, try new things, go faster, and so instead of falling signifying failure, it was something that we always talked about in a very positive light. And we encouraged it and we celebrated it, and I just think that that’s a great mindset instead of thinking about the negative. Always frame things in the way of positive and always push further and harder and faster. And that’s why I’m here in Jackson Hole, this is some of the most extreme skiing I’ve done in resort and then there’s also out of bounds which I’m learning to do and I’m actually now starting to ski up, climb up, and ski down. Lots of amazing things happening here and while I’ve never really skied before and I’m the worst at it instead of being fearful or saying I’m no good at it

I’m celebrating the failures and the learnings and trying new things and pushing myself and my bounds and I want to encourage you all to do the same what would you like to do that you haven’t done

What would you like to get better at? How can you change your mindset, in your mind from failure being negative to failure being a growth opportunity and something that you’re moving towards

So how does this relate to your business and Airbnb well if you haven’t gotten started get started don‘t be scared you will make mistakes. You will learn your second hosting will be better than your first. Your 20th hosting will be better than your 19th. You’re always growing and if you have gotten started just realize there’s gonna be bumps along the road little hiccups little setbacks little minors like financial issues

Whatever, just keep moving, check it out, leave a comment below let me know your thoughts in the meantime I gotta go hit some fresh powder I really appreciate your time your energy your attention sorry my nose is running it’s cold up here ten thousand four hundred fifty feet but I’m out of here subscribe to the YouTube channel we got plenty more great content and come join us over at the Facebook group and check out the podcast

Thanks in advance! Happy Hosting! Best personal regards,

Richard Fertig Founder Short Term Rental University

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