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Those looking to Start & Grow a Airbnb/STR business

Looking for an additional source of income? Great! Short term rentals are one of the best ways to gain a serious source of secondary income. Once you build a foundation you can continue to grow and one day make short term rentals your main source of income.

Just getting started and want to Improve my Side Gig

You know how big of an opportunity short term rentals are. Now you're looking to grow/scale. You're still involved in the daily operations of a small STR business. You probably still clean, greet guests, etc. You want to take it to the next level and build a machine. (STRU Bachelors)

Experienced and commited to GROWING my business, Ready to Scale

You are all in on short term rentals. You're now looking to grow your wealth with advanced techniques such as 1031 Exchanges and Trip Net Leases.(STRU - Masters)
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In depth online courses designed to help you grow your STR now


Monthly Q&As with Richard featuring STR Experts such as interior design, legality, taxes, etc


Engage and learn from str entrepreneurs who are in the same stage of the journey as you. Get answers to your most common questions fast in our secret FB Group.


Get exclusive deals on Short Term Products, 3rd party tools, and STRU gear
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    Guides to Get YOU Started and keep you going!

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    We dive DEEP into topics covering the in's and out's every host NEEDS to know

  • Monthly Q&A with SUPER-HOST Richard Fertig

    This is your time to ask Personalized questions about YOUR listing and get REAL TIME answers to everything you want to know about Short Term Rentals

  • Exclusive content

    Information, Tips, Tricks that you won’t be posted anywhere else

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    Our Exclusive STRU Guidebook is a MUST for every Host. Gather all the important details about your listing in ONE place for your guests!

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    Filled with relevant content for advanced growth from other Members at the same stage as YOU

  • Access to Richard in the Masters FB Group

    An opportunity for 1 on 1 access to Richard for the issues you need help with MOST

  • Exclusive content

    Information, Tips, Tricks that you won’t be posted anywhere else

  • Free access to all STRU tools

  • Free access to membership area

Everybody needs a WHY!

Does this describe you?

Be honest...How would you describe your Short Term Rental BUSINESS?

Disorganized? Chaotic? Are you over-worked? Overwhelmed? Non-existent?

Well, if you answered anything other than, "An automated income machine" you've come to the right place.
If you've just gotten started with your first listing on Airbnb or Homeaway (or other platform), your ‘business’ may be you engaging in what you feel is best practices. But how do you know? And how do you grow? Being a host is a business and it needs a framework, methodology, and an entrepreneurial mindset.
To be successful, you must understand your 'WHY'.
Being busy and trying really hard is a fantastic start. But is it sufficient to run, grow and SCALE into a steady and growing short term rental business? I want to share what I've learned over the last 20+ years to help you get started in short term rentals and / or take your business to the next level. We have a huge opportunity today. This is a great trade. Take advantage of it.
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I've already learned so much about listing my Short Term Rental from my membership! Thank you for all this great content. We're already close to making money on our listing $$

Lauren Rozyla

STRU Bachelors

Richard, you are truly a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. I so appreciate you sharing everything you know with all of us! I've learned so much from you already, THANK YOU!

Bridge Rose

STRU Masters

So Helpful!! The "Want to start hosting" video gives step by step directions! Thank you for sharing valuable info

Monica Allmond

STRU Bachelors

Hi Richard, Thanks for sharing. Your videos have helped me tremendously. I am a Host in Atlanta with 6 properties. Because this membership I have been prepared for a lot of mishaps and issues. 


Jamark Goodwin

STRU Bachelors
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