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Richard Fertig

Short Term Rental University

Be honest...How would you describe your short term rental BUSINESS?
Disorganized? Chaotic? Are you over-worked? Overwhelmed? Non-existent?
Well, if you answered anything other than, "An automated income machine" you've come to the right place.
If you've just gotten started with your first listing on Airbnb or Homeaway (or other platform), your ‘business’ may be you engaging in what you feel is best practices. But how do you know? And how do you grow?
Being a host is a business and it needs a framework, methodology, and an entrepreneurial mindset.
To be successful, you must understand your 'WHY'.
Being busy and trying really hard is a fantastic start. But is it sufficient to run, grow and SCALE into a steady and growing short term rental business?
I want to share what I've learned over the last 20+ years to help you get started in short term rentals and / or take your business to the next level.
We have a huge opportunity today. This is a great trade. Take advantage of it.
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Top 10 Reasons To Join STRU


Looking for an additional source of income? Great! Short term rentals are one of the best ways to gain a serious source of secondary income. Once you build a foundation you can continue to grow and one day make short term rentals your main source of income.
You know how big of an opportunity short term rentals are. Now you're looking to grow/scale. You're still involved in the daily operations of a small STR business. You probably still clean, greet guests, etc. You want to take it to the next level and build a machine.(STRU Bachelors)
You are all in on short term rentals. You're now looking to grow your wealth with advanced techniques such as 1031 Exchanges and Trip Net Leases.(STRU - Masters)

What You'll Get


In depth online courses designed to help you grow your STR now


Monthly Q&As with Richard featuring STR Experts such as interior design, legality, taxes, etc


Engage and learn from str entrepreneurs who are in the same stage of the journey as you. Get answers to your most common questions fast in our secret FB Group.


Get exclusive deals on Short Term Products, 3rd party tools, and STRU gear




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Our Memberships


For Beginners

Monthly Actions Plans.
Long form video content/courses with actionable tips
Exclusive Bachelor's FB Group with relevant content only
Monthly Q&A with Richard
Free access to all STRU tools
Free access to membership area


For SuperHosts

Quarterly calls with Richard with specific agenda and preparation
Exclusive Masters FB Group with relevant content for advanced growth
Access to Richard in the Masters FB Group
Exclusive content that won’t be posted anywhere else
Free access to all STRU tools
Free access to membership area

Which Membership Should I Select?

I want to build a STR business but I have little capital and don't know how to get started
I'm looking to fully automate my already successful STR business
I want the step by step guide to teach me everything I need to know in an organized manner
I'm looking to take advantage of advanced techniques like 1031 Exchanges and Triple Net Leasing advanced "wealth building techniques"
I have a STR but I know I'm losing money every month by not having it optimized
I have multiple properties but have plateaued in my growth

Membership Highlights


STRU Expert Series Every Month

 Live Q&A with specialized experts

 Topics include SEO, interior design, insurance, business, and more


STRU Courses

 Step by step guide to build a successful STR business

 Topics include: Marketing, Pricing Strategy, Taxes, Growth and more


 Join the most helpful FB Group of STR business owners (members only)

 Have your questions answered by the most engaged hosts in the world

 Learn in real time as hosts figure out better ways to run their STR business



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