Hello, friends! It’s Richard, found of Short-Term Rental University and Airbnb super host. Today’s article is pretty straightforward. I want to encourage you to figure out what kind of guest you want to attract and help you get them.

In the past, we’ve touched on some of these topics so they may sound familiar but I encourage you to read through the whole article because something might resonate a bit better.

The first thing is “who’s traveling to your town, or who’s gonna stay at your Airbnb?”
What I mean by that is are you attracting guests for business. vacation, family, events or parties? Are they there to work or to recreate?

I understand that it’s not going to be 100% one kind of guest and zero of another. There’s a mix in there but at the end of the day, it’s your business. Try and figure out who you want to attract. Let’s give an example:

About a year ago, I was traveling through India with my main man Hardik. He set up a bunch of different Airbnb meetups. In fact we filmed the video where I interviewed a super host in India. He had a very different take on hosting and a very different ‘why.’ There are people that come to India every day for business, vacation, spirituality, the food, etc. There are a million people that came to this town in India. He could have tracked all of them, but he didn’t. He focused on his why. He was a very social, gregarious, outgoing host and loved interacting with people. Since it was a shared space he had many different rooms and many different people staying there every single night.

So in his photos, his description, and everything about the listing, he talked about this being a great place to socialize.

“You’ll meet a lot of people. We’re going to do family tours, have parties on the roof at night, beer pub crawls, etc.”

That immediately attracts the people that want to be in India and meet other people and socialize and drink beer on a roof.  It also actually repels the business traveler who wants privacy, quiet or whatever else. So that’s a prime example: he took a look at a huge universe of vacation travelers and said: “this is what I want to do.”

So again, what is it that you do? Who do you want in your home?

Do you want sports fans?
Do you want foodies?
Do you want people that are really into the environment?
Do you want spiritual people that do yoga?

Whatever it is that you like being in and around, highlight that and attract that niche. There’s a saying:

The riches are in the niches

Do not try to appeal to everybody because you will appeal to nobody. Figure out who you want to talk to and tell them a story. If you do that, you’re going to find that your bookings go up but more importantly your satisfaction with being an Airbnb or a short-term rental host will go up. The guest experiences will also improve because you’re no longer just selling lodging, you’re selling an experience! For like-minded people, your reviews will go up, ratings will go up, and everything is just going to be easier now. It’s a lot of work to figure out who you want to attract, but I encourage you to do it.

You can do it.

So get started! I’d love to hear from you:

What is it that you do?
How do you set yourself apart from the competition?
How do you attract the right people?

Put it in the comments below!

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