How to Setup Airbnb’s New Check-in Feature

How to Setup Airbnb's New Check-in Feature

I’m coming to you from a freezing cold new york city check this out see that Charles anyway we’re here in New York City. We’re live in front of my Airbnb in Manhattan, I just came from a Bar Mitzvah hence the all dressed up and out of the studio. This video is a little bit overdue this features been out but I want to share with you how I’m actually making my check-in process better using the technology that Airbnb allows where we take photos so the first thing I want to show you come with me Charles is this is the entrance here and it’s a little bit difficult in writing to describe exactly where people go.

I say that there’s a gate and you go down but the nice thing about this feature is it’s gonna allow me to actually take a photo and share it so I’m gonna go ahead and share it you go down the stairs and then the very next thing I want to share and we’re in the process of turning it over right now so you’ll see luggage in the foyer and so on people have difficulty understanding that this little black tab opens up and then that this actually gets pushed down and this opens. So I want to go ahead and use the feature that Airbnb has provided us to help them with that process.

So I’m gonna go ahead and take a photo of that and then the third thing I’m gonna do is put my thumb on the lock the latch here and start to open it and I’m actually gonna go ahead and upload it to Airbnb the Inbox click on any of them and then there’s a little key here and when you click on the key you know I haven’t found another place to do it of you Charles yeah it’s so strange create guest check-in guide and then I’m gonna add my first photo and then here’s my first one and I’m gonna add a note and now the second one I’m gonna choose a photo and now I’m gonna edit the note to say please use your thumb to push the black weather protecting protecting cover down to reveal and turn the lock dials. Save preview it start the check-in now you see the photo with the description please use your thumb and then third please use your thumb that’s great.

I think that looks really great and I’m publishing it and now we’re gonna let you know if we get some comments or feedback from guests that come in we do get some questions occasionally. In fact we’ve had some disturbance with people knocking on the neighbors and asking how to get in and that’s just not cool for our neighbors or the guests experience.

I’m hopeful that this twelve seconds that we just took is gonna help the whole process and make everybody’s day better and you know guest relations better the neighbor relations better so I hope you found this interesting and helpful I’d encourage you to do it yourself takes no time at all and it can be the difference between a mediocre first impression and a great first impression.

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