How This Garden View Unit Booked More Revenue Than an Ocean View Unit in the Same Building!

hey YouTube what’s happening it’s Richard found a short-term rental university and Airbnb super host today’s video is the importance of your title shot and you won’t believe how important it is so what exactly do I mean I mean the first impression of your listing whether it’s on Airbnb or VRBO the photo that you elect to show first and the title is so critically important in fact when I was speaking with Ian McHenry who’s the founder of beyond pricing he was really great he did this expert series for our paid members he gave us an example which I couldn’t believe and it’s worth repeating here would you ever under any circumstances believe that his beyond pricing tool would price a Gardenview place on Maui higher it commands more money than any ocean view listing in the exact same building like does that make any sense ocean view lower garden view higher it makes no sense at all so we started to dig into it and let’s go the reason was that the owners of the mountain villa had done a much better job describing their place for first interest right the title shot and the title itself gained a lot of attention and so a lot of bookings and they were able to increase their price and the people with the ocean view which is much more valuable cost more money to rent cost more money to own has much more broad appeal their mediocre listing in photo just didn’t grab people’s attention and so consequently they had manually lowered the price to get bookings and so when he took a look at the be on pricing dynamic changes with the property manager they said wait a minute this doesn’t make any sense and they started looking into the listing the big data the numbers behind everything pointed out an inconsistency that they then spent some time drilling down on and what they found again was that the listing with the Garden View had a great photo and a great caption got a lot of interest in a lot of attention a lot of clicks and a lot of conversions and through manual processing they were able to increase their price over time conversely the owners of the oceanfront they just put together a photo of like the kitchen with a so-so title and relative to all of the listings on that same Airbnb page it just wasn’t getting the clicks and so consequently they manually lower the price until they started to get some action and so the point of all this is you could have a less desirable location or property and a better marketing approach and actually outperform a superior location or a superior unit because we’re teaching you exactly what it is that you need to do and how to do it so take a look at your listing take a look at your title take a look at your first photo are you capturing exactly what people looking for that that location that property that view that whatever brought you to your the place do you capture it instantly and if you don’t let’s fix it so look this same lesson applies in all walks of life putting your best foot forward your first impression makes a huge difference in fact we’ve researched and studied and Charles has done most of it but the thumbnails that we select for our YouTube videos have a huge impact on whether people actually watch the video so the message of the video is the exact same but if we don’t put the right thumbnail in the right title we can have very few hits and viewings or we can have really successful videos with great messages just based on the thumbnail that Charles suggests and the title so we encourage you to take a close look at yours take a close look at your competitors maybe you’re finding that people are coming to your area for the beach that’s sort of a no-brainer so highlight that but maybe some of your competitors are having a great time highlighting some cultural things a museum or a national park or something that’s outside of your listing and think about it spend the time and energy I hope you found this interesting if you’re interested in trying to beyond pricing tool I highly recommend it will include the link below and in the meantime please go ahead and like this video appreciate that very much and if you haven’t subscribed to the YouTube channel now [Music] you

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