How I Used a Self-directed IRA to Buy Real Estate (here’s what I did)

What’s up YouTube! It’s Richard, founder Short-Term Rental University and Airbnb super host. Today, Charles and I are coming to you from the Snake River Sporting Club in Jackson Wyoming. It’s the home of the number one golf course in the state.

The golf course, which you can’t see in the attached video under the snow, is being constructed right now. That’ll be done by the end of summer 2018.

Let’s define what is a self-directed IRA and why did I do it?

It is pretty straightforward. In your IRA using tax-deferred funds, you can invest in a variety of things. In fact, there are very few items that the IRS restricts and they tend to be things like antiques or perhaps hobbies. They don’t really want you to take advantage of the tax-deferred status for your personal gain.

They want it to really be an investment just like if you were to buy stocks or bonds. In my particular case, why did I do it?

I really liked the investment opportunity here at the Snake River Sporting Club but I didn’t have enough liquidity of after-tax dollars and I didn’t really like the stock market at all-time highs. So I started to think about investment opportunities and I learned about self-directed IRAs.

I spoke to some experts and decided that this would be a great way for me to have exposure to a terrific real estate investment opportunity using tax-deferred IRA money. That’s what I personally did but I don’t encourage you to do it at home alone without seeking an expert.

I consulted with Adam Bregman and we just recently filmed a podcast so if you haven’t listened to that will include the link at the end of this blog. He’s an expert and knows exactly what you can do or can not do. It’s not scary but you need to know the laws and you need to stay within the laws.

By way of example, the single biggest downside of me owning these in my self-directed IRA is I can’t actually enjoy them. I’ll never sleep here, I’ll never be able to enjoy the home until I get to the legal age of 59 and a half which is when I can actually enjoy these investments.

It was well worth it for me because I really wanted the investment and then I’ll worry about the enjoyment of it later. The question is, should you do it?

That’s a personal question for you to decide, but if you have a real estate opportunity that you really are interested in pursuing and you have tax-deferred money in a self-directed IRA then it’s a really good idea. I would just encourage you to seek counsel because you want to make sure you stay within all the bounds. There are a handful of rules and restrictions that are important which you must abide by them.

As the video above was conducted, there was quite a large amount of construction noise in the back. I love construction noise. I really enjoy construction and development. I’m really excited to come back here with Charles in the spring and it will look very different, then different once more when we return in the summer.

At the end when it’s all done from beginning to end, for me that’s a great example of the process. I enjoy it tremendously and I want to share it with all of you. If you would enjoy doing something like this and you don’t have a lot of capital but you do have a big nest egg in the form of an IRA you should listen to our podcast. Check it out and consider it, I think it’s a great way to go.

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