Tax season is upon us. You ready?

Hello Team STRU,

Richard checking in from the East Coast. Tax season is upon us….Continue reading for a great resource from Short Term Rental University.

But first……

Charles and I just returned from Jackson and endured a flight cancellation, a reroute and ultimately landed during the Nor’Easter around midnight. But, all is well!

This weekend I returned to my Windham ski house and am enjoying time with my daughters. My eldest travelled to Costa Rica (where I was born) for spring break and will be joining us on Friday.

Then, back to Jackson Hole with all three of my daughters to ski like mad and introduce them to our new "home".

In the mean time, the painters are working feverishly on my Jackson condo. I have scheduled my electrician to return on Thursday to wire up the new light fixtures so we can all enjoy the time together which such modern day conveniences such as lighting. LOL.

The painters will be packing up and moving out for the 9 days that we are in Jackson and will return when we vacate to continue the painting downstairs. At the same time, the steel work should begin on the fireplace and the kitchen island, baseboards, etc.

At the end of this month, i’m expecting the reclaimed exterior wood to be delivered and the install to occur in early April.

So, if all goes according to plan, by mid to end of April, I should have all the Phase 1 construction done and will likely live as is for 6 - 24 months before beginning any future construction like a total bathroom renovation, adding a 1/2 bath, etc.

And, I should also have all of my permitting in place to legally list my Jackson Hole condo for airbnb in time for the Summer peak season.

Super busy. Super exciting.

I hope you and yours are doing your think and experiencing all the joy, profits, savings, and entrepreneurial benefits associated with short term rentals.

Its tax season and we have a GREAT resource for our Podcast audience (free) and our paid membership with special guest Clint Coons who will be talking short term rentals and tax implications and answering our paid members specific questions! I cannot wait and when I think of ways we are adding value to the community, its resources and experts like this that bring a smile to my face. Listen and learn. And if you’re a paid member, get your questions ready. Tax optimization strategies are critical to maximum profitability. Subscribe to our Podcast here:

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Wishing you a fantastic week ahead.