Revenue Ready

Hey friends, Richard found a short-term rental university and airbnb super host. Today I want to talk about the following revenue is greater than ready so what do. I mean by this well you know I had somebody in our paid membership class asking questions about this and they were talking about getting their place ready and they were talking about it not being quite ready and they weren't ready to list it and the same thing kept coming up that they were waiting and it wasn't perfect and they weren't ready and we've all been there in life.

We are all driven and we're perfectionist and we want to put forward our best impression. We care about our reputation. We don't want to be embarrassed.

I get all that but those negative behavior patterns really cause us to like pause and stall and not get started and so what I responded to this. Person was revenue beats ready and what I mean by that is just get started just launched recognize that you're gonna make some mistakes recognize that you're gonna learn something but here's the thing by launching you're actually going to be learning. You are now involved in a full feedback cycle. People are staying in your home.

You're learning what they like what they don't like. You're getting feedback. You're fixing that you'll never be able to figure it all out. It will never be perfect until you actually start hosting and have people telling you. What works and what doesn't work and reading the reviews and you might get a little bit upset you might disagree with it. You might be a little surprised that they didn't like. That or they didn't understand that's cool, that's part of the hosting journey. So, just prepare yourself for that but I'm just saying that sitting on the sidelines waiting for perfection is costing. You money every single day that you're waiting for perfection. Put a price tag on that. It cost me $100 to not list today. how long are you gonna wait two days, five days, 30 days that's $3,000.

Why not launch knowing it's not perfect knowing that you're gonna fix it knowing that you're gonna learn from the feedback that you get have somebody help you grow your business by giving you candid feedback like we all want that we all need that.

That's that blind spot but instead of it being an insecurity and a reason that you don't get started embrace it and say here is how I am gonna get started and here's how I'm gonna learn and I have the real benefit of being paid while I learn and fixing it. It just a much better way to go so whatever you're thinking about doing that you're waiting for perfection. It could be writing your book. It could be changing jobs. It could be launching that airbnb.

It doesn't really matter just get started the sooner. You do it the sooner you're gonna learn the sooner. You're gonna accomplish your goals and I really mean that I take all sorts of chances all the time and in fact I look for mistakes and failure and learning opportunities and that's the way you grow you iterate you keep fixing it. You keep getting better. You keep learning that's life so do it. I hope you found this video helpful go ahead and like it and please subscribe to the YouTube channel have a great day!!
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