Hello Team STRU!

Its Sunday - but a special Sunday for me!

You see, I just flew with my three daughters from NYC to Jackson Hole yesterday. This is their first time ever in Jackson and they had all sorts of misconceived notions that we already have started to dispel.

From, "Dad, nobody lives in Wyoming. Its not even a real state" to "OMG - this is SO nice. I can’t believe how great this is".

And, we haven’t even been on the mountain (yet). Excited as heck to show them just how great this mountain is later this morning.

In addition, they are learning about my business and opportunities. I showed them my (our!) new condo and the renovations as well as answered their questions "Dad, you say that you might get paid to live here? How?"

"Well kids, I intentionally bought a duplex and have a way to lock off the floors. So, when I’m here alone, I can live upstairs and rent out the downstairs on airbnb and I think it will be so successful that it will more than pay for my entire mortgage and expenses".

But, beyond all that, I’m just thrilled to have my kids here seeing my dream and execution and spending quality time together.

No stress, no plans.

Just pure adventure and excitement and enjoying the fresh air and outdoors. Skiing, in my opinion, is the ultimate family sport as we do it all together and spend great amounts of time together.

Later this week, I will also take them to my Snake River Sporting Club homes and show them the initial phases of construction so when they return in Summer, they will see progress.

Life is great!

I am incredibly grateful and appreciative.

I encourage all of you to find gratitude and change your mindset to positivity.

Because, guess what?

When you are positive about yourself, your life, your circumstances, etc……. A funny thing happens, it becomes your reality.

Have a great night and wonderful week ahead!