WARNING - Airbnb Didn't Pay Me $3,684 Last Year

Hello my friends. This discussion is really important so important that I'm phoning it now from a studio just on my own. I'm standing here in my new condo in Jackson Hole which is going to be an Airbnb. I'm going to do all this renovation. We're going to document all that. So if you're interested in that. Pay attention but today's video is breaking it's important. Is there an Airbnb scam. No. I mean I don't want to call it intentional but I do want to let you know on the six thousand dollars of my money for work that I did and my teams clean and hosted and everything else in multiple properties and Airbnb did not pay me one dime.
And they didn't do anything.
Now it's really important that you do your bookkeeping properly. Even my book keeper didn't catch this.
You know you called this the guy behind the guy Hardik my man card. So big shout out to Hardik. Thank you very much for catching this. And as it turns out unbeknownst to me unbeknownst to my bookkeeper for no reason at all Airbnb didn't pay me on three different trips in 2017
We did the work we hosted people we reviewed them we gave them their security deposit back.
Everything went fine. Only I didn't get money. Now if this happened happen to me and I do many trips on Airbnb it could certainly happen to you.
So what did we find out and what happened. Well first it's unclear. It turns out that all of these transactions were posted in my history. They were posted in my future transactions as if they were reservations going to happen in the future when in fact they were completely trips that we had done and successfully completed. And we should have received our pay out. So we took a look at it and sure enough we'd completed them. He contacted Airbnb support and we got back some helpful response which is we're going to look into it. Thanks for notifying us.
And immediately the same day they released one of the trips. Another trip they said they had to look forward to their fraud and account security. And the third that to do something else with it. So three different trips three different responses one payment of a thousand dollars at least immediately. The other five thousand dollars held up. The second trip was released about I think 14 hours later which was great. Now we start having the income coming in. We did the work. Now we're getting paid for the work.
So that's great. The third trip they said that fraud security team had some concern. One concern. Why didn't anybody contact me proactively. Why didn't areally reach out to me and say hey we're concerned about the security of your account we're concerned about this trip are concerned about this gas whatever their concerns were. I don't think they're concerned about me.
I'm still on the platform. I'm still hosting I'm still taking reservations. I'm still doing the work. I just can't believe that nobody at Airbnb would reach out to me. So. At Airbnb if you're paying attention what is going on how are you possibly withholding hostes money without notifying them that you have a concern. So long story short after
About another 72 hours or so I received notification that surprise surprise they do in fact owe me the money and they're going to release the money to me. However I don't think you handled this very transparently very openly with customer service in mind with a super host mind. I don't know what you guys were doing but I'm going to be very direct. I think you dropped the ball. This doesn't feel good to me. You're not breeding good will. In fact
I'm no suspect and I'm concerned and I'm going to monitor you with like a tooth and comb and make sure that you're doing what you're supposed to be doing which is paying me and all of the other hosts and therefore I'm creating this video for every other Airbnb host which is don't trust Airbnb and don't believe that they're doing what they're supposed to be doing that the system works and is automated. I even have a bookkeeper that reconciles every single trip. Here is the issue. He was reconciling every single payment that hit my bank account against every single trip in the Airbnb calendar. What he was not doing and when he started to do you want to go forward basis and when you should have your bookkeeper do or do yourself is made sure that every single calendar date has a payment associated with it.
Don't wait for the payment to hit the bank account to reconcile it. Make sure that every calendar item has a payment associated with it and check that future transactions tab. And I really want to thank Hardik for putting that six thousand dollars more in my pocket and taking it out of everybody's like escrow hold pattern. It's been there for months. That's insane. I just can't believe that that can happen. But then again these big companies are so darn big that even a super host with five properties doesn't really matter so don't trust them don't trust your bookkeeper verify it for yourself. Now for all of you that are looking at this video and watching it. As soon as you get off this video go check out that future transactions that you may find that there's hundreds if not thousands of dollars of your money just sitting there. If you liked this video please go ahead and like it. Thumbs up really would appreciate that. And if you haven't subscribe to the YouTube channel. I would really appreciate that. Two more calls to action one. Join us at the Facebook group. Short term rental University. There's thousands of hosts there that are communicating and asking questions and so on and so forth and that's growing really quickly and to sign up for our e-mail as we send out all sorts of communication at www.str.university. So happy hosting.
Have a great day. I hope you like this discussion. Stay tuned the best is yet to come. Have a great day.
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