Airbnb Hosting: How To Deal With Damage Done By Guests

Airbnb Hosting: How To Deal With Damage Done By Guests

Today we are going to discuss about what I see happening on our Facebook group a question asked all the time which is what to do how to deal with damage done by guests. So this same question keeps coming up in the Facebook group, time and time again, almost daily From very minor things, all the way to very specific larger things. In order to address it properly in this video we’re gonna talk about it in exactly those terms.

So if I had to estimate I’d say somewhere

around 85 to 90 percent of the discussion and the Facebook group talks about what I would consider minor damage

Now it may be insulting, it may be hurtful, it may be costly, it may be really upsetting. But if we remove the emotion from all of this and we just talk about the damage it’s probably relatively minor. So some examples of minor damage might be makeup on a towel, stained sheets, leaving the kitchen a mess, spilling a little bit of wine on a carpet, or something like that. Some of this is just ordinary wear and tear and hotels deal with it all the time. Since we’re sort of in that same business of hospitality and hosting guests in our place we have to address it similarly the hotel doesn’t get particularly emotional about it they just chalk it up as a cost of doing business. May not be what you want to hear, but that’s sort of the reality. I personally don’t spend a lot of time and energy on a broken wine glass on a makeup towel on a sheet I just replace it. I’m charging enough money and my profits are high enough that there’s a budget for repair maintenance damage replacement.

So rather than get all up in arms and post on Facebook and go to Airbnb and get into this war with the person and try and collect seventeen dollars or whatever, I just chalk it up and say I hope it doesn’t happen again.

I know it will but hopefully happens so little going forward, that it’s not a big deal. I would encourage you to adopt that same sort of mindset, because it’ll free you up to be positive, optimistic, upbeat, and increase your prices and increase your profitability instead of playing in that space where it’s all about negativity and being proven right and emotional and how dare they. It’s just not very healthy and so by way of example you know there will be a moment in time and it’s happened to me, where you’ll go into your home you’ll open up the cabinet to get a glass of wine and you had 12 beautiful glasses of wine and now there’s only six. And the cleaning lady didn’t tell you about it and the guest didn’t tell you about it and you didn’t know about it and you could get upset about it.

But, all I do is I go to Amazon I click to order and I order twelve more not six more so I stock up. So, I hope that’s helpful and I want to be really careful to support you because I understand how emotional it is. This is your home somebody’s been in there they’ve haven’t treated it the way that you’d like and so I get all that and I empathize with you but I’m here to encourage you to treat it more like a business and just move forward and be more profitable. I think we can all get to that point now on the Facebook group occasionally and this is pretty rare we do see some major damage and I’ve been I’ve had two problems in my place that were major damage and here’s what I’ve thought about it. One, it’s really really upsetting you know for the places trashed or there was a party or real furniture was broken like a couch was broken or a whole rug was destroyed. You know if we’re talking about hundreds or thousands of dollars if a TV was taken off the the wall or it was broken. I mean if there’s real damage, yeah I can’t express to you how much empathy I have because it’s really like a violation and that’s just awful. So one I’m sorry but two now we have to get on with it and what I have found personally is that Airbnb hasn’t been all that helpful hopefully they’ve addressed that.

I think with their new plus and all the ideas that they’re trying to come up with to help hosts more. That customer service will improve on the hosting side. But when I filed these claims it wasn’t particularly helpful and the biggest takeaway that I had was they were

unable or unwilling to get any security deposit unless I had a receipt. So if I just paid more for cleaning my team or I cleaned it myself they weren’t going to help.

If I went out and I bought a new carpet proactively and then I gave them the receipt, then they might try and claw it back. But I found that kind of like after the fact. I don’t know that I want to replace something unless I know I’m gonna get reimbursed for it and the way that I felt as a host back then was that I have the security deposit I have good trust. I’m a super host and if I said that they broke this, Airbnb would side with me. And what I found was that it wasn’t the case.

I had to make a case Airbnb reviewed it they reached out to the guest the guest had his own point I didn’t have a receipt I didn’t have photo evidence from before I had broken evidence after but I couldn’t prove that it was the guest and so at best I would say was a mixed experience I actually walked away pretty negative.

I don’t think they really had my back I hope that’s changed but what I would say is if there’s a major damage like your television or your car or like real furniture or anything like that. Somebody has really done something, then your homeowner’s insurance, I think is probably the best course. But at the end of the day just realize: your home is a very profitable venture and you should have a budget line item for damage replacement wear and tear. New carpets new you know towels, new sheets, whatever it is, it’s just a cost of doing business. And the sooner you get your arms around that and you remove the emotion from it the happier you’ll be.

So in closing realize that you are a freelancer you are an independent contractor you’re a business person you are running your business. The things that you put out in your home for guests to use and/or abuse, and then have an accident with. That’s sort of on you don’t think, that Airbnb has your back. If it’s too valuable or it’s too expensive or it’s too personal then put it away when you host but I personally stock all of my homes with things that I really like that are high-quality but are replaceable I’m not attached to them and so if somebody breaks a wineglass or a plate or a platter or you know some of the artwork gets damaged and again that hasn’t really happened but if it were to happen I wouldn’t be heartbroken.

I wouldn’t be calling Airbnb and complaining Airbnb is really just a platform they’re a facilitator they don’t employ us hosts they’re not about us hosts they’re just matching guest and host and then that’s where we have to do the proper screening to make sure we’ve got a good fit. You can never tell if somebody’s a great fit but you can do your best. At the same time, I’m a responsible person I’m a good guest can I break a water glass, a wineglass, of course, I can. I could just fall I could kick it over it’s an accident happens but don’t lose your like head over it just keep moving so

I hope you found this helpful raise your prices two dollars a night put that money aside two hundred nights that’s $400 $400 worth of wear and tear replacement parts glasses whatever boom that’s it. Two dollars won’t kill you won’t kill them but you’ll feel better if you have a budget for replacement items.

Let me know the best case that you’ve had with it Airbnb and the worst case experience with Airbnb and if I’ve missed anything please share it with all of us so we know how to go ahead and file these claims in the unlikely circumstance.

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